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Welcome to Biotec Restoration Pty Ltd

Free call 1800 688 950 Fax 02 9682 5266

Update 2016

For a quick glance at most Biotec Products, select Product Index. BLatest products may not be in the Product Index. Biotec web site is a database of Biotec products and support information only. No on-line sales is done. Biotec Sales is done through Biotec stockists, present in most major cities. For towns without Biotec stockists, pls contact Biotec. Samples are sent to all hobbyists on Biotec food on request through Contact Us. Pls supply your name, address, email.

Current Feedbacks on Biotec Products from users Update Jul 2016

Biotec Product of Australia & Made in Australia Products 2016.

Australian National Debts is 450 billions as at Oct 2016, 430 billion at Oct 2016. Support Aussie . Help to cut imports & debts! Ask for Biotec Product of Australia or Made in Australia Products today.

Oct 2016

Biotec Food Update- Product of Australia Food.

Biotec Algae Wafer VS - a blend of top ingredients Biotec Algae Wafer Up with 15% each of astaxanthin & multivitamin coated Biotec Dried Shrimps and Seavegies Fla ke or Leafs. Sink(more) & floating. High PoA. Size: 0.5-2mm, 2-4, 4-6, 6-12mm+

Refresh. Biotec Fun Stickers for children - Ask your Biotec Stockists.

Too much of computers, iPhone is bad for you and children.

Too much Screen time damages brains. Take up fish keeping hobby!

Biotec Food Update - Product of Australia Food.

Biotec Beefheart Sinking Pellets - contains lean beefheart with its fats reduced, Spirulina & chlorella Algae, wide range of vegies, kelp, wide great nutrients from stabilised egg & pre-digested milk, astaxanthin, garlic, parika, tumeric,anise, added multi-vitamins including stablised Vit C, wheat flour +. Dusted with Biosuper microbes. Sizes: Medium(2-4), Large (4-6). XLarge (6-12mm) . PoA. Samples are given out on request.

Biotec PureVegie Sinking Pellets - Contains wide range of vegetables: carrots, spinach, pumpkin, capsicum, dark leafy greens , brocolli, peas, tomatoes, Altantic kelp spirulina & chorella algae, beetroot, paprika, tumeric, garlic +. Added astaxanthin, multivitamins, including stablized vitamin C, fish attractants, wheat flour+. Dusted wiuth Biosuper microbes. Sizes: Small(.5-2mm), Medium(2-4), Large (4-6). XLarge (6-12mm) . PoA. Samples are given out on request.

There are more large size Biotec Cichlid Sinking Food 4-6mm, pellets in stock, as requested by some stockists, for Ultra+ Premium & Value range. Sizes: Small(.5-2mm), Medium(2-4), Large (4-6), Extra Large(6-12mm+). PoA

There are more Xtra Large Biotec Algae Sinking Pellets 6-12mm+ premium & Value pellets food in stock. For large or pond Koi fish. Sizes: Small(.5-2mm), Medium(2-4), Large (4-6), Extra Large(6-12mm+). PoA

There are more Biotec Egg (* Vitamin) pellet food in stock. This will be added to enhance Biotec pellets and Bits & pellets food, gradually. Sizes: Small(.5-2mm), Medium(2-4), Large (4-6). PoA

Support quality Aussie Made Foods that match or exceed import quality or value .

Samples are sent to all hobbyists on Biotec food on request through Contact Us. Pls supply your name, address, email.

May 2016

Biotec Algae Wafer Up* & Algae Wafer Va*

For plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders, for all Tropicals - Freshwater and Marine.fish
Sizes thin wafer 1mm thick, sinking. 1) 6 - 10mm+ wafer bits 2) Large 2 - 6mm wafer bits. * sizes may change, subject to demand. Samples are given out in all orders.
Product of Australia (PoA ) - most ingredients & production
Ingredients key Spirulina, chorella algae, salmon fish, astaxanthin, redworm & a range of seaweed, vegetables, goodness in cultured milk, other fish colour food.
Ingredients follow Biotec Cichlid Sinking Food (pellets) or Biotec Algae Sinking Food (pellets), both PoA There are many more ingredients in Biotec Wafer food than imported thicker wafer food.

Support Aussie products when they match or exceed import product quality and value.

Dec 15

Biotec Aquatic Plant food is now enhanced with more specially filtered seaweed solution(4x more compared to before) that containsa wide range of trace elements, colour bloom food and growth hormones on top of standard iron and potassium fertilisers ingredients. It doesn't not cloud the tank water with seaweed "particles.
Few or no other brand aquatic plant food has the specially filtered seaweed ingredients. Seaweed is actively promoted as flowers color and plants fertilisers in nursery garden stores. It is used by many garden plants hobbyists. It is a key ingredient in Biotec Kelpsol or other brands such as SeaSol.

Biotec Dried Shrimps & Biotec Seavegie Flake & Leaf VS Other Brands Update 15 Jul 15

Biotec Dried Shrimps :
1) are now enhanced from coating of fish color Astaxanthin, Omega Oil and wide range of Vitamins, including high vitamin C. Other brands are not
2) contains krill & "more small meaty small prawn pieces - both are coated as in 1). Other brands are not enhanced.
2) are dusted with fresh Biotec Biosuper microbes - improve water clarity & quality. Other brands are not.
3) heated to kill bugs. Other brands are likely not.
Above quality enhancing processes are done in Australia. Enhancement of Biotec Dried Shrimps make it a Biotec unique product that is not available from other suppliers or non-Biotec stores.
Biotec Dried Shrimps are added to enhance many Biotec food today, including increasing food attraction to fish.

Biotec SeaVegie Flake (2-10mm) or Leaf (Sizes: 2 x 0.3cm & 5 x 1cm)1) are now enhanced from coating of fish color Astaxanthin, Omega Oil and wide range of vitamins, including high vitamin C. Other brands are not enhanced.(Seavegie Flake & Leafs are coated well, Larger leafs 5cm can be "clipped)
2) Made into small flakes, leafs.
Other brands are not enhanced.
3) are dusted with fresh Biotec Biosuper microbes - improve water clarity & quality. Other brands are not.

4) may contain organic Canadian dulse seavegies for flake.

Above quality enhancing processes are done in Australia. Enhancement of Biotec SeaVegies make it a Biotec unique product that is not available from other suppliers or non-Biotec stores.

Biotec Seavegies Flake & Leaf are added to enhance many Biotec food today, increasing fish colours, nutrients and improving intestinal flora. Increased amount in Biotecc Flake Food.
The enhanced Biotec Dried Shrimps and SeaVegies Flake & Leaf make the products unique. Labels are updated to reflect the additional ingredients.

Nov 14

Herbal Moist Food xF

Herbal Moist Food xP, Herbal Moist Food xB

Fish Herbal Remedies. Increases Fish Immunity

Biotec Herbal Moist Food xF/xP/xB is a blend of beneficial herbs, almost natural, to :

1) increase fish immunity from Fungus, Parasites, Bacteria.

2) improves fish heath after fish is physically damaged from fin nipping, fighting or handling

3) promotes intestinal flora & increase anti-oxidants. in fish.

The herbs and multi-vitamins also assist to increase immunity from parasite and fish disease causing bacteria. Feed herbal food when fish show early signs of fish problems. No flour or soy, other carbo. Vacuum sealed & freezer stored for longer freezer life.

For fresh- and salt-water, aquarium & pond fish.

Ingredients in the three herbal remedies (combined here): Aussie fresh aloe vera/garlic/pea/high strength manuka honey//tea tree & pimenta oil/ salt/papaya seeds/ginger,/thyme/ chilli, magnesium sulphate, fish, krill, kelp, organic spirulina/chorella algae, astaxanthin, stabilised Vitamin C Ascorbate 2 Phosphate

multi-vitamins and other herbs. No preservatives or coloring. Made in Australia.

Unique Quality Staple Almost Natural

Biotec Moist Food that fish love:

Pure Color Moist Food - no flour, soy or other carbo

Color Bit Moist Food

SpriruVeg Moist Food

PureVege Moist Food - No fish, meat

Cichlid Sinking Moist Food

Discus Sinking Moist Food

Fry Size 1 Moist Food - fine powder, high protein

Packed with natural higher retained fresh ingredients .

due to low heat production, compared to imported super hot pellets production..

No preservatives or colouring. Made in Australia. Replace food imports.

More eco - many less food mileage. Less packaging, More Beautiful Support Aussie!

Equivalent dry food are available. Moist food are freezer kept.

Ask your store now for Biotec Moist Food.

(Web site Product Index is not udated yet above products 1/12/14)

Biotec Facebook

Jun 13

Biotec Pure Color Food is easily digested pure fish colour concentrate granule food, consisting of: 1) pure Biotec Redworms, Aussie grown, specially gut-loaded with human grade mullti-fish color food: spirulina, seaweeds, salmon, carrots, dark green vegies, capsicum, papaya, beetroots, paprika, marigold, milk nutrients, plus more. Carriers of top quality easily digested worm protein, nutrients & fish colour food. No contaminated pond sludge or manure food fed. 2) pure Biotec SeaVegie Flake, 3) pure high quality dark green Spirulina 4) pure dark green Chorella Algae, 5) red Astaxanthin pure boosted & natural from other sources, 6)yellow marigold 7)yellow range egg yolk & fish roe 8) orange-red krill & krill oil - boosted (astaxanthin, Atlantic Pacific source) 9)pink salmon (astaxanthin & omega fish oil) via redworm carriers, 10) wide range of vitamin, including stabilized Vitamin C Ascorbate 2Phosphate - boosted & natural , paprika, garlic

for vibrant rich red, orange, yellow, blues, green fish colors.

Dusted with beneficial probiotic Biosuper Lactobacillus microbes. There is no wheat flour, no soy, no other carbohydrates

Get higher vibrant fish colours from less feed. Fish color supplement to most other food. Fish love it. You will love the fish colors.

Biotec Pure Colour Food is now added to many present Biotec Food together with Biotec Dried Redworms, and Biotec SeaVegie Flake/Leaf from 22/5/13. It will be available later 4th Qtr 2013 or earlier. from Biotec stockists.

May 13 Biotec Betta Colour Food Contains High Spirulina, Biotec SeaVegie/Micro Flake, Biotec Dried Redworms, Pure Shimps Pieces, Stabilized Vitamin C & boosted Vitamins, Probiotic microbes. For Siamese Fighting Fish

Biotec Crystal Red Shrimps Food - Sinking Food. Contains High Spirulina, Egg, Shrimps Pieces, Spirulina & Vegetables, Stabilized Vitamin C & boosted Vitamins, Probiotic microbes. Size: 0.5 - 2 mm

Mar 13 Biotec Web - Major update. Most Biotec Productsare now listed in the Product Index (click to view first item on the listing) - quick way to look at Biotec products at one spot. Click item header to sort by product title.

Most Biotec Posters , A3 and A4 sizes, are now updated & listed in the web. Check out the key Biotec products benefits and support meesages from the posters.

Mar 13 Biotec Marine Food Update , added with new multi-vitamin treated Biotec SeaVegie Flake & Leaf (small 2 cm strips or larger leaf/strips). Check it out. More Biotec food are added with Biotec SeaVegie Flake or Leaf.

Most Biotec Products & sizes are on one A4 sheet: Summary Biotec Products Form

Update 2012

Nov 12 Colon matters! If you have not been to Information/ Human Health Care of this site, check it out now. Colon matters to all Check it out. plus more recent updates. Warning: if you dont like to see human output, then dont click! :)



Nov 12 Biotec SeaVegieFlake - Pure Mixe Red Dulse-purple & Green SeaVegie small flakes. Fish Colour Food & Great Supplement to all other food. Biotec

SeaVegie Flake consists of highly nutritious, fish colour food, pure sea vegies: red-purple dulse, green and Spirulina Vegetable small flakes. It is fortified with multi-vitamins, including stabilised Vitamin C Ascorbate 2 Phosphate

Biotec SeaVegie Flake label


Nov 12 Cichlid Sinking Food & Discus Sinking Food
Spotlight on the following sinking food with new pure sinking meaty shrimps bits food

Biotec Cichlid Sinking Food Sv & Biotec Discus Sinking Food Sv
Both contain Spirulina, Vegs, Fish & Granules & Pellets, Pure Shrimps & a wide range of other ingredients A staple food.

See label and ingredients presence here:http://www.biotecrestoration.com.au/images/Label%20Cichlid%20+%20Discus%20Sinking%20Food%20Sv.pdf

Sizes: Small 0.5-2mm, Medium 2-4mm, Large 4-6mm. Biotec Cichlid and Discus Sinking Food SV are high Solar Eco and Aussie made food.

(Many Biotec Products are today Proudly Made in Australiao Highest Quality o Aussie Made -Priority to quality local ingredients o Lower Product Miles o Imports Replacement = Aussie Jobs o Eco Friendlier Packaging -Less Packaging = Greener & More Beautiful o100% Aussie Owned

Biotec Products are Aussie Made when they match or exceed import quality, some made with part imported ingredients that are not available locally to raise to top quality.

The latest Biotec fish & pet food is special human-grade fish colour & high nutrients gut loaded Biotec Dried Redworms - Aussie Grown and Made. It will be blended initially with other Biotec Food: Ultra+ Bits & Flake, Colour Bit Food, Earthworm Bits & Flake, Fry Food, & new Ultra+ Dr & Flake.

New Biotec Eco Friendly Award, presented to Biotec stockists who have consistently stock Solar eco made Biotec products that can be made in green way. Do your bit to support green Biotec stockists. Click the link to view award.

Electricity Running Cost of an aquariumis much less than some hobbyists think. Clikc the link to view more info.

Biotec urges hobbyists to Buy from your locally owned Aquarium& Pet Biotec stockists , rather from un-supported super-markets, for healthier fish, pets, & stores to service you better.

Mar 12 Biotec Protect Coat Cn/Acn/St-Fish & Tap Water Conditioner

Protects fish with Aloe Vera slime stress coat and Water Aging St/CnAcn which neutralizes chlorine, ammonia and heavy metals. Aloe Vera promotes healing and regeneration of fish tissue and forms a protective slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss. For more info:Biotec Protect Coat Cn/Acn/St

Jan 12 Biotec Aquatic Plant Food (liquid) lush foliage and flower blooms all seasons. Contiains potassiium (for flowers)+ Iron Chelates (for green growth & blooms) + trace elements + plants growth hormones & flowers stimulants form Kelp. Beautiful Ponds, Aquatic plants in Tanks & Ponds with Biotec today. More info/link to follow. Avail Now

Jan 12 Biotec Dried Shrimps Sm,3 varieties of Krill & Shrimps or more. 0.5 - 10mm+ for small and medium size Fish. Beneficial Biosuper microbes added. A great treat food for fish. More Infor/link Avail Now

Update 2011

Oct 2011Biotec KelpSol Fbc 4-in-1 Multi-Kelp Concentrate + Fish* + Blood & Bone* + Compost Tea Super Doopa Natural Liquid Organic Fertiliser. Contains highest organic NPK. For Biotec Pond & Garden Care: Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Natives, Ferns, Transplants, Lawn, richer Compost. Also for commercial crops.Beuatiful Ponds and Flower Garden with Biotec today.

KelpSol poster http://www.biotecrestoration.com.au/images/KelpSol Fbc A4 Pos 11008.pdf

See some pictures of flowers and plants after some Kelpsol Fbc applicationhttp://s1085.photobucket.com/albums/j438/biotecres/Biotec%20KelpSol%20Fbc%20Use/

Sep 2011 EcoDirectory -your guide to green Australiain 2011. EcoDirectory is Australia's original green directory. Check out Biotec Eco products as well.

Aug 2011Human Health Articles - Great tips for human health. Worth your time to check it out

Jul 2011 Biotec Fun Fish/Turtle/Eco Green/Pond Stickers,more than 60 different types, in packs of 6 assorted stickers on Fish Carton/Art/Photo, Turtle Cartoon/Ninja/Photo, Eco Green Cartoon/Art/Photo and Pond+Flower Photo. Fun for all. Fish hobbyists, especially the young ones.can make their eco green statements to others,

Jun 2011 Biotec Blackwater Extract and SuperPeatpouch - create soft acidic water condition ideal water condition for many fish, help to prevent fish diseases naturally, detoxify ammonia, create water suitable for fish breeding.

Feb 2011 Biotec Barly Straw ExtractC- suppresses new green matter naturally

Jan 2011 New Biotec Products Standard value Biotec TropicM Flake & Biotec Goldfish, Made in USA and Australia, adds to the a wide range of Biotec Biotec TropicM/Goldfish Bits & Flake/Bits & Pellets/ Bits Food is made in Australia from 15 - 100%, today using special imported ingredients from USA tha are not available locally to lift the quality. Excellent food to replace most imported flake food of similar price range. Why buy imported food with equal or less quality?


For all new visitors (New Accounts) to Biotec Web Site, you can read and/or download information on Biotec products and other information. All Biotec products prices are not displayed.

Sales and support of Biotec products for hobbyists are done through good Biotec stockists (usually present in most capital cities and many other towns) located in the same area as the hobbyists for better customer support and savings. Contact Us for your nearest Biotec stockist.

For other areas where there are no Biotec stores (in some areas outside major cities), please contact us on how you can purchase Biotec products.

Stockist Enquiries Welcome

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